Spontaneous Evolution

Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here by Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman.

This is a big book in every way.  It is a cornucopia of historical overviews, old myths that linger and affect our choices, new-science discoveries that reveal new possibilities and clarifying visual models of our evolutionary potential.

Bruce Lipton, a well know speaker and author, has a background in cellular biology and was a major contributor in the field of genetics (having been involved in the epogenetic revolution).  He is also an expert regarding the role of “belief” in mind and body relationship, having written an acclaimed book called the Biology of Belief.

The co-author, Steve Bhaerman, has a background in political science and history but is also a humorist and comedian (known as “Swami Beyondananda”), a modern court-jester whose work has been described both as “comedy disguised as wisdom” and “wisdom disguised as comedy.”

This dynamic duo creates a rare combination of hard facts and transformational humor, giving the reader a fascinating ride into new and old territory. Despite many in-depth scientific descriptions, facts and figures, references and footnotes, models and mind-stretching concepts, this book reads like a mystery novel, hard to put down, both funny and surprisingly enlightening.

I am at a loss as to how to summarize this book.  It is brilliant. It is convincing.  It is eye-opening.  It is broad and deep, leaving no stone unturned.  It clarifies the role of perception, the connection between science and culture, how to let go of old myths and reveals a whole new story for humanity.  It concludes by acknowledging that “the real challenge for the individual is to practice evolution, to learn the lessons of the old stories so we no longer need to repeat them, and to remind ourselves that the critical mass of humanity involved with this evolution will change the world from the inside out.” p. 359

Perhaps a review of some of the comic quotes from “Swami Beyondananda” at the beginning of each chapter will give a flavor of the approach and the topics.

“We don’t need to save the world,  just spend it more wisely.”  “When your only intention is looking out for number one, everyone and everything else gets treated like number two.”  “The truth shall upset you free.” “You know our cells just might be smarter than we are.”  “In Nature’s economy, the Golden Rule overrules the Rule of Gold.”

And here is some quotes from the reviews of the book will give a feeling for the depth of the message:

“The implications of this powerful book have the potential to change the world.”  Deepak Chopra

“..is a world-changing book that offers a heartening view of humanity’s destiny…” Thom Hartman

“..is a brilliant synthesis of science, evolutionary theory, and spiritual consciousness that provides a unique explanation of our global situation and how we might move forward…”  Rabbi Michael Lerner

“…is an eye-opening, mind-expanding, and paradigm-shifting journey… a guidebook for becoming sane in a dysfunctional world.” Nicki Scully

“…The future that emerges from this Whole New Story is so attractive that I believe it will encourage us to fulfill our true hearts’ desire for more love, more life, more creativity NOW.”  Barbara Marx Hubbard.

“An extraordinary and timeless gift to humanity.”  Leonard Laskow M.D.

The words, “Spontaneous Evolution” is a play on the concept of “spontaneous remission” that occasionally occurs in advanced terminal conditions.

Quoting from the Preamble:

“After assessing civilization’s plight using insights offered by cutting-edge scientists, we are happy to report that there are, indeed, golden opportunities hidden in the dark clouds of crisis.  Those willing to face the music and dance together will be the ones who will help transform the threatening crises we face into awesome opportunities.

The spontaneous remission we seek appears to be contingent upon a spontaneous re-missioning of civilization through which we change our mission from one based on survival of the individual to one that encompasses survival of the species.  This is our fundamental evolutionary mission, our biological imperative.  Achieving this remission necessitates that we individually and collectively reexamine many of the fundamental assumptions our civilization accepts as true.  Those beliefs we find inadequate or incomplete must be revised so that the new awareness is incorporated into civilization and becomes our new way of life.” p. xx

If we develop the right capabilities, right awareness and let go of our limiting programing based on old-school myths /beliefs, the hope is that we will evolve from an identity with our individuality as human beings to a recognition of our common humanity.  I wish everyone could know this full story.

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