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Curly Roots

Greed, Agression and Delusion

I have just completed David Loy’s book, A New Buddhist Path: Enlightenment, Evolution and Ethics in the Modern World.  Written in a clear and compelling style, this book presents a cogent interpretation of Buddhist teachings.  With acuity and logic, Loy reveals a current pressing need for intertwining the paths of personal enlightenment and social awareness […]

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Oslo Park

Death sits on my shoulder

Death sits on my shoulder. It arrived some weeks ago, took its place close to my ear, let me recognize it’s presence. Now death dares to whisper out loud. It has taken me all these years to tune my ears to it’s words. Strangely I feel grateful. The urgency of its message helps me to […]

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The Sequoias Speak

On the 19th of June this year we joined Bill and Marilyn Veltrop along with FireHawk, Pele Rouge and Renegade Lawdog for their annual Summer Solstice Gathering. This was held  at the Sequoia Retreat Center in Ben Lomond, CA. My experience there with the Sequoia trees touched me deeply – especially at this time of […]

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Conscious Living in a Changing World

Creating an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet—a New Dream for Humanity by the Pachamama Alliance Many of us can feel are discouraged and disheartened by the destruction of the the Earth, our only home.  Many people think that we can do nothing as individuals.  Although there are huge forces […]

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