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Conscious Living in a Changing World

Creating an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet—a New Dream for Humanity by the Pachamama Alliance Many of us can feel are discouraged and disheartened by the destruction of the the Earth, our only home.  Many people think that we can do nothing as individuals.  Although there are huge forces […]

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Sacred Economics

“To be sacred is to be imbued with a specialness, uniqueness, and divine purpose.  To see something that way is to fall in love…The Age of Reunion…Everything will be sacred because we know that everything is unique, even each electron, each drop of water, and certainly each human being.” Charles Eisenstein in The Ascent of […]

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Angkor Wat Cambodia

Responsible Tourism

Hanging around Peter and Dtor (see last post) has got me interested in the whole idea of responsible tourism. Especially as we travel a lot, it is hard to be concerned about “greening” the world, when using jet planes so often. Personally my husband and I have sought out various organizations with programs for planting […]

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Thailand: Community – Culture – Creativity

The Family Tree: “We are committed to Fair Trade.  Our shop supports over 30 social and environmental initiatives including crafts cooperatives, women’s groups, ethnic minorities and people with special needs.” What a treat when our new found friend in Hua Hin , Brian Arthur Solomon, himself a socially and spiritually conscious coach and community activist, […]

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Earth Mother Tree  @TreeSisters: women seeding change

Want To Be A Hero?

“The year 2013 may offer our last chance to take on the climate crisis. If we fail to take action that is up to the challenge, we may be like the passengers of the Titanic, arguing over entertainment choices while the real threat looms. With climate disasters mounting, 2013 must be the year we commit […]

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Storm sky in Sicily, photo by Mara

Powerful Potential of Conflict

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, I felt especially thankful for the cease-fire between Israel and Palestine.  Yet I know deep in my heart that it probably won’t hold and is really only a tiny step forward, not a breakthrough.  I have been thinking a lot about how polarization of views has such a hold on human nature […]

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