I rage against humans
full of stupidity and greed
underdeveloped species

My own shame
leers at me
caught in the web

Pride and hubris
flying toward the sun
eyes and ears blocked

Hatred and prejudice reign
why can’t we see our unity
bound to your water and air

Without your gifts we die
how could we destroy
our own light

Separation runs our mind
lost from each other
and our own source


Mother Earth
I am the eyes and ears
that mirror your beauty

I breath out your air
that reaches the stars
edges of space

My fingers your tools
hold your furry creatures
garner your abundance

I am a vital cell
in your body
doing my tiny part

Your wild places
make me real
with grace and magic

Your artistry
dark mountains against red skies
stops me in my tracks

Your snow flakes
blanket everything
into simple forms

Your clouds shape-shift
across your blue canvas
pink with evening light

Whenever I am near trees I feel you
you caress me with your wind,
excite me with your scents

I feel your silent presence
in the mountains and plains
the butterflies and humming birds

Your joy explodes
in the spring
vermillion and turquoise

Your silence in winter
blesses with
silver and bronze

You throw gigantic boulders
in heaps of endless forms
for our pleasure

You press glittering jewels
into the hidden rocks
teasing us to discover your gifts

Moon blessed in the darkness
kissed by faithful sun in the light
You give us life


Tell us our role
Are we to save you
with our gift of consciousness

Will you evolve us
beyond our childhood
of self-centeredness

Is there enough time
to spin the wings of compassion
awaken us from our sleep

We don’t understand the upheaval
that has fallen upon us
the plagues and the extinctions

Where did they come from
everything seemed so perfect
and safe for your children

Are you weaving harsh
transformations to coax out
hidden potentials

Everything must die
for the new to be born
this is your code

In the end we become ashes
emerged in the emptiness of source
perhaps then we will know all your secrets


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