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Oslo Park

Death sits on my shoulder

Death sits on my shoulder. It arrived some weeks ago, took its place close to my ear, let me recognize it’s presence. Now death dares to whisper out loud. It has taken me all these years to tune my ears to it’s words. Strangely I feel grateful. The urgency of its message helps me to […]

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Rituals of Reunion

Rituals are food for the soul.  Reunion is the transformation of our Age of Separation into the realization that Everything is One. We sorely need both aspects in our lives today. After completing Charles Eisenstein’s book The More Beautiful World, I have spent a lot of time imagining what I could do in my daily […]

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MAX Burgers – A sustainable fast-food joint?

This week my friend Rick Wheatley, founder of Choosing 2Lead, arranged the first Salon gathering of what may be called the “Club of Oslo” in reference to the now famous “Club of Rome”.  He invited young professionals interested in sustainable business practices to an evening of discussion and reflection that could potentially help them initiate […]

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