Evolutionary Advice from Nature

These three videos gave me new insights today.   The first one about the forest really surprised me with connections I hadn’t realized before.  The second one about the Polinators (bees and such) shocked me with the recognition of how dependent we humans are on such creatures.  And the third one with images of grains of sand magnified some 200 x  turn out to be as varied as snow flakes, an adventure in a world that so resembles the one we live in that I thought I misunderstood the pictures.

More reflections on these three videos at the end.

Of Forests and Men
Themes of connectedness and interdependence,  give and take, diversity and perspective.



The hidden beauty of pollination by Louie Schwartzberg
Themes of mutual dependence, transformation, beauty of form and design

A Grain of Sand by Dr. Gary Greenberg
Themes of universal rhythms, patterns and beauty, fractals (self-similar patterns of different sizes repeating at different levels )

These videos show how nature uses the balance of relatedness and connectedness to maintain and replicate itself for millions of years.  I am reminded of two definitions of Love:

“Love is a universal pattern of resonant energy… the universal harmonic. It is the impulse toward, unity, non-separation, wholeness.  While love can take many forms, its essence is relatedness.”  Leonard Laskow, MD

It is “the drive to reconnect and make whole that which has become or appears fragmented.”  Adam Kahane in “Power and Love” (based on Paul Tillich)

Perhaps we get into trouble talking about love because love doesn’t stand alone.  It also needs positive power to make it work generatively.  As Martin Luther Kind Jr. stated, “Power without love is reckless and abusive and love without power is sentimental and anemic.”  (see review of Power and Love).

I also believe that Love and Beauty are close relatives.  If we now add Power to the mix,  this may be why nature is so healing, as it has all three elements magically woven into its being.  I wonder if the new photography methods enhanced by  HD clarity, long-exposure,  magnified views or overviews from close by or from space gives us better access to these realizations.

Detailed study of how nature works, has led to more interest to copy nature for human needs, like health and engineering, as this article from the  Huffington post explains.  Biomimicry: How Copying Nature Leads To Healthier Humans, Planet.

How about we study nature to learn how humans could evolve in harmony with each other and with nature.  Maybe it is all about Love.

2 thoughts on “Evolutionary Advice from Nature”

  1. Mara these are beautiful examples of deeply embedded evolution is in us and we are in evolution. We are sand, bees, forest and as the First Nations say they are “all my relations”.
    Thanks for bee-ing an evolutionary “watchman” errrr “watchperson”??

    ps I agree that Love and Beauty are inextricably linked and each can trigger the other – along with the third member of their energizing trio – Goodness :-)

    Meshful blessings of Love, Beauty, Goodness

  2. Thank you for this rich comment, Marilyn. I feel compelled to say a loud Navajo, “Ho” to your statement. And by the way, I just learned that the Navajo prayer “Ho” means, “It is finished in beauty.” Perfect.

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