I have found that to see the potentials in the many threats and changes around us today,  we have to change our perspective.  It requires looking at the whole picture as well as the details.  It is about seeing connections between things and how interconnected we actually are.  Our eyes have this ability to see far and to see close up and we are able to shift easily and rapidly between these two perspectives.  Maybe evolution is helping our minds to be able to comprehend the local and the global at the same time. Perhaps this is necessary for our own well being.

We can, for the most part, only influence what is nearest to us but we have come a long way when we can see that what we do actually has global consequences. If we as individuals begin to understand that, our organizations can also move to a new level of understanding.  This will give them ideas and innovative approches to to act in a responsible and sustainable way that actually protects and nourishes all of us and the whole planet.

Here is another perspective of our Planet from high in the heavens.  My friend Barbara Shipka sent this video to me in response to my last post.  Can you find yourself hidden on the blue planet in the star-filled space?  I fall in love with Earth!



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