Who are you?

Earth Flower of Life
Earth Flower of Life

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

This quote, from the master evolutionary himself, has been around a long time.  I remember thinking – this can’t be true.  It actually calls into question our true nature as human beings!  It seemed obvious to me that we are quite physical beings and definitely separate from each other and the rest of the world.  Over the last years I have come to question the obvious and my understanding of who we are has expanded greatly. Could insight into this quote be the next evolutionary step for human kind – to see our humanness differently and our deep connection and interconnectedness as the real truth.

What do you think?  Who are you actually?  What is the Self  you and most of us are so busy fixing and developing?  Not many people stop and ask that question.  In fact most people laugh at it.  But it is questions like this that could actually knock us out of our sense of separateness and wake us up to a new understanding of both our connectedness and our role in evolution.

This all sounds esoteric and has certainly up to this point been more or less examined by only a tiny minority of people.  So I was amazed when I came across this TedTalk by Thandie Newton, a British actor, who came to take this question seriously – with such a new perspective that it shakes your brain a bit! Makes it easier to recognize that we actually are something quite different than this small self we become so focused on.  How letting go of that identity brings a joy and aliveness as we learn to live from the new place – a place of Essence – the Source of all living things.  An esoteric truth that becomes clear in this video.  What a feat!

Enjoy Thandie Newton in Embracing otherness, Embracing myself!  May she inspire many to see our “self” with new eyes. 

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