We are One – A Time-Lapse view !

Through my reading I am coming across new scientific discoveries that propose ideas that contradict what I learned in high school!  Well I am not alone.  Most of us are not up to date with New Science especially if it tells us something different that what we have assumed is the Truth for many years.

It seems to me that we are going through a stage that must be similar to when early thinkers were trying to sell a new discovery that the world is not flat – but round.  Many people have been put to death for pointing to something that upsets the foundation of current thinking. Yet these new understandings have been the underlying drivers of our human advancement – or evolution.

What I see is that many are beginning to take a birds-eye view of things, which leads to seeing how everything is connected. It is not hard to notice this in the current finance crisis, although we still haven’t caught on to the other connections around us.

Einstein himself proposed that the Universe is one indivisible dynamic whole and that all its physical parts and energy fields are entangled and interdependent. This kind of thinking is surfacing in many places these days.  Both new science and many ordinary people are starting to say things like “we are all one”!

The wide-view of things is evident in the new interest in Big History (see under key videos), which gives us clues as to where we have been and perhaps where we are going.  More of us are aware of the fact that the earth has been through many big-shift cycles, brought on by life-threatening crises.  Evolutionary theory tells us that this is when major adaptive change happens, to help species survive and the earth to maintain balance. It is also at this time that new species unexpectedly appear and others disappear.

You could say that these kind of conditions are around us today. We have crises on many fronts and we seem to be out of balance as a species and planet. But perhaps this is the first time in history that we are aware of our own role in making choices that could affect this balance. Choice is good news.

I have noticed an increased interest in making videos using “time-lapse photography”.  These new and different perspectives seem to sharpen our awareness, giving us surprises and insights into “ordinary events” and perhaps clues to our connectedness.

This video, called TimeScapes, really excites me with the combination of visual and auditory intensity enhanced with time-lapse photography.  You could fall in love with Earth, the only Home We have!


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