A New Dawn & A New Year

IMG_3481Wishing all my followers many blessings during this special time of year!  Here are two poems from my Starglyph Book that celebrate this season of Light!  Enjoy.

A New Dawn

Vibrations from birth

Surrender to the light

The past is forgiven

The future is sealed

And so it is


Protection, love, wisdom

Radiate and penetrate

Anxiety and fear disappear

A Child is born,

Prince of Peace


Stars and galaxies

Spin in joy

Whirling in showers of light

Alive to the Presence of

Pulsating life


Power guides

The heart to open

Where Beloved resides

A Child is Born

Alleluia, Amen


Separation fades

The seed is sprung

Our True Nature unfolds

Burning away all that isn’t truth

A Child is born


Time stands still

Past and future merge

Wisdom and compassion

See every person

As teacher and guide


Purpose pulls

Being into existence

Every event lifting the small self

To the true ruler of the soul

Beloved Source


Rose light radiates from the

Matrix the Mother

One mind, one heart

No separation

All is One


Light emerges out of the Darkness

Living daylight

Union of human and divine

True Essence

A window for God


Moving effortlessly

Evolutionary dance

Celebrating my own birth

Alleluia, a Child is born

The Queen of Peace



New Years

The New Year floats into view

Riding on a starry night

Breathing cold clarity

Into our drowsy brains


Now’s your chance

Arise and follow the stars

Leaving on the stroke of midnight

For the place of your dreams


Are you ready to dare

With all your courage

To reach for the wisdom

That comes from the heart


Give up separation

Become one with your

Deepest Self

The moment is now


It’s yours for the taking


If you would like to order a copy of the book, you can do so from the previous posts on this site.



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