Inner and Outer Journeys

My New Book of Poems There is much we can do as individuals to live consciously on the planet at this time.  But I have come to believe the most important thing we can do is expand our consciousness so that we melt our own boundaries, open our heart and learn to be compassionate to […]

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Conscious Living in a Changing World

Creating an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet—a New Dream for Humanity by the Pachamama Alliance Many of us can feel are discouraged and disheartened by the destruction of the the Earth, our only home.  Many people think that we can do nothing as individuals.  Although there are huge forces […]

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Rituals of Reunion

Rituals are food for the soul.  Reunion is the transformation of our Age of Separation into the realization that Everything is One. We sorely need both aspects in our lives today. After completing Charles Eisenstein’s book The More Beautiful World, I have spent a lot of time imagining what I could do in my daily […]

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Living Life as an Offering

I have just been in an amazing dream from the future! In the dream I was with 23 people at a retreat led by Charles Eisenstein and arranged by Brad and Sasha through Pure Immersions.  Our hearts were wide open with love and connection, laughter and tears, flow and transformation. I must say that the […]

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Lessons from “Another” Thailand

A half a year has passed since I have felt inspired to post a blog here. In August, my father passed away and I am grateful that I had the time with him that I reported here among the last blogs of 2013. And now I am back in Thailand where I was inspired on […]

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“Sometimes I Pretend” Poem Sketches

  These “poems sketches” are the result of working with a creative writing “prompt” which I got from a wonderful site called Flamingseed.  Playing with this prompt helped me to investigate my deeper desires and hidden assumptions.  I want to share it here because it is a powerful tool to help unfold the Soul’s evolutionary […]

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The Power of Essence: A Personal Story

A week ago I came home from visiting my Dad in Florida, a whirlwind visit precipitated by a phone call saying that he was not eating and was extremely agitated and aggressive.  The hospital diagnosed him with heart failure and recommended that he be put into hospice care or a nursing home with just palliative […]

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Sacred Economics

“To be sacred is to be imbued with a specialness, uniqueness, and divine purpose.  To see something that way is to fall in love…The Age of Reunion…Everything will be sacred because we know that everything is unique, even each electron, each drop of water, and certainly each human being.” Charles Eisenstein in The Ascent of […]

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The Age of Separation

Synchronicity seems to turn life into flow when you pay attention to what is happening here and now.  With this as a mantra, I pay attention to what is catching my attention at this moment.  It is Easter Week, the full moon lights up the sky with an intense glow.  Sap is rising in the […]

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Personal Blossoming in Thailand

This marks a new stepping out for me – to be more visible and write more from my own experience!   I originally wrote this post  on my Personal Process Page where I hadn’t written anything since last May. But when I saw it published in the old format, I realized that I wanted to start […]

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