Mara Senese

Mara is a transformational explorer and guide in the field of personal, leadership and organizational development. She has worked in this field for almost 25 years in Norway and around the world. She is also an painter, sculptor and writer. These days, she is semi-retired but busy working with various projects that support the aims of this website.

Mara Senese

Conscious Community-Reno, Nevada !

Many sources say that evolution is a purposeful process where individual organisms survive through adaptation and thrive by becoming members of a larger community. This doesn’t mean that the individual dissolves into the community as we have sometimes seen in Eastern cultures or that the individual’s needs override those of the community, as it tends …

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Be Here Now!

Back in 1971 I became fascinated with a book called “Be Here Now!”  It was written by the Western born spiritual teacher Ram Dass.  As I remember, the point of that book was to “live in the present moment”.  This seemed a strange idea. Isn’t that where we always are?  Almost twenty years later in …

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