“Sometimes I Pretend” Poem Sketches



These “poems sketches” are the result of working with a creative writing “prompt” which I got from a wonderful site called Flamingseed. 

Playing with this prompt helped me to investigate my deeper desires and hidden assumptions.  I want to share it here because it is a powerful tool to help unfold the Soul’s evolutionary impulse.



Sometimes I pretend

I live many lives


Learning to attend

To each gift, humbly


Sometimes I pretend

I am free to fly

Away from obligations

Releasing knotty ties

That hold me in place

Then turn my soft heart

Toward a deeper grace.


Sometimes I pretend

My heart sends out rays

So strongly it mends

Everything in my gaze

With such bright power

It opens flowers.


Sometimes I pretend

That I have it all figured out

That I know each step to take

Have a plan without doubt

That the mists and fog

Of the cloudy unknown

Have lifted and my feet

Again know solid ground

Now ready to fly on new

Wings to meet the wind

That stirs my hair

With tenderness and care.


Sometimes I pretend

That I have a private line

Into my deepest self

So clear that each sigh

Is a sign for what it is

I truly want or need

So I can see the sky

Before the sun goes

Down on my earthly eyes.


Sometimes I pretend

I am a flower blossoming,

Perfume released

Caressing the air near you

Until your breath starts

With longing for the soft red

Nectar of your own heart


Sometimes I pretend

You are here

Or I am there

No space between

An interwoven tapestry

Of morning light

Pierced with rays of joy

And sparks of birds in flight


Sometimes I pretend

I love the misty path

Of impossibilities

Jot with unexpected gifts and sorrows

Embracing it with equanimity

Knowing nothing of tomorrows.


Sometimes I pretend

Everything is flowing perfectly

Blessed by magic and synchronicity

Miracles around the bend

Gold dust growing us

Into infinity.


Poems by Mara inspired with writing prompts by Flamingseed



Mara Senese

About Mara Senese

Mara is a transformational explorer and guide in the field of personal, leadership and organizational development. She has worked in this field for almost 25 years in Norway and around the world. She is also an painter, sculptor and writer. These days, she is semi-retired but busy working with various projects that support the aims of this website.


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3 Responses to “Sometimes I Pretend” Poem Sketches

  1. Mara Senese
    Mara Senese August 22, 2013 at 9:12 am #

    Lovely that Jane Brunette put this blog on her Facebook site “Writing From The Soul”.

    Thank you, Jane!
    Love, Mara


  2. Marilyn Veltrop August 25, 2013 at 9:43 pm #

    Oh my, dear Mara, you’ve done it again! This poem is exquisite!! Sending love to you on the other side of this precious planet… Marilyn

    • Mara Senese
      Mara Senese August 26, 2013 at 9:42 pm #

      Marilyn, dear one, what wonderful feedback. I did enjoy doing these poems very much so that must be a clue that something is working. Much love back to you – yes on the other side of this precious planet. Mara.

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